Areas of Practice

My practice is limited to criminal and traffic offenses.  As you might imagine, that covers quite a lot.  Whether you are charged with drug trafficking, a crime of violence, DUI, or driving with a suspended license I can help.  Perhaps the best way to describe the range of services that I offer is to say simply: if it involved a cop, it should probably involve me.

DUI (Driving Under the Influence)

When you get arrested for a first or second DUI, you have been charged with the most complex of misdemeanors.  A third DUI may be a felony and a fourth DUI is a felony. The DMV will automatically suspend your license for 6-12 months if you blow over .08.  The DMV will automatically suspend your license for 12-18 months if you refuse testing.  You are allowed to drive on the DUI citation for 10 days.  During that 10 day period, you can request a Formal Review hearing to challenge the suspension of your license.  I handle the entire procedure and have done so hundreds of times in my career.  I review every aspect of my DUI cases to uncover any flaws in the handling of the case.  I check the testing procedures for the machine. I check the pre-made solutions used to calibrate the machine. I review the video to insure Field Sobriety Exercises were conducted properly. I review the basis for the initial stop to see if motion to suppress might be filed.  If an issue is found, that may lead to the State reducing your case to Reckless Driving.  In short, you need a lawyer that has extensive experience in DUI law.  I have that experience and will be happy to put it to work for you.

Suspended License

I have found recently that many people call my office seeking advice about their suspended license.  There is almost an endless number of reasons to have your license suspended in the state of Florida. Whether you are suspended for points, designated as an habitual traffic offender or simply have unpaid tickets, I can often find a solution. In many cases, I can have points removed from your record resulting in the suspension being removed.  To determine whether or not I can fix your suspended license you will need to call my office with your driver’s license number so that I can review your record.

Drug Offenses

I have seen a dramatic rise recently in the number of drug trafficking arrests.  The most common trafficking charge is one involving prescription pain pills.  Contrary to what many believe, drug trafficking does not mean that you are selling or distributing drugs.  Drug trafficking is defined simply as the illegal possession of more than some specified amount.  To use the opiate pain medications as an example:  If you are found to be in possession of more than 4 grams of any opiate based pain medication you will face a minimum mandatory sentence of at least 3 years in prison.  As the weight goes up so does the potential punishment.  The weight is determined by weighing the pills which may be largely acetominophin.  For example, 6 vicodin can constitute a trafficking charge.   Different drugs have different limits set as to when possession becomes trafficking.  Drug trafficking laws are complicated and harsh, but having handled countless trafficking cases I have the experience to answer any question you may have.

VOP (Violations of Probatation)

When you are placed on probation for an offense, you are either supervised by the Salvation Army(misdemeanors) or the Department of Corrections(felonies).  You will have the standard conditions and some special conditions.  If you violate any one of the conditions, a warrant may be issued for your arrest.  You are not entitled to a bond on a violation of probation.  I can often get hearings set in just a day or two to get violations resolved.  If you are facing a warrant for VOP, I can schedule a hearing with the judge so you may avoid being arrested.  Many times, I am able to resolve the VOP at that hearing so you can get back to your life.

Domestic Battery

While most domestic cases are misdemeanors, the charge carries some unique requirements.  A person charged with domestic battery may not post bond until they see a judge.  Unless the alleged victim is in court asking for contact, there will be a no contact order issued.  In many cases, that means the house you lived in last night is no longer your residence.  You may not be able to see your children until the judge allows it.  I always move quickly on these cases.  The work done in the first week or two often results in the case being dropped.


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"Perhaps the best way to describe the range of services that I offer is to say simply: if it involved a cop, it should probably involve me."

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