Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions I get by my clients, if yours is not answer please call me to discuss your particular situation.

Do you accept payment plans?

Yes, I will work with you to insure that you have good representation.

Do you know the judge and prosecutor that are assigned to my case?

Most likely I do.  I have practiced criminal defense here since 1997.  I routinely have 10 or more court appearances per week.  I have worked very hard to develop good working relationships with all the judges and prosecutors.

Am I looking at jail time on this charge?

This is always a difficult question to answer.  It depends on the severity of the case, your prior record, who the judge is, who the prosecutor is, what a victim may have to say and many other factors.  Again, I strongly recommend calling the office so I can understand your situation clearly so as to provide you with accurate answers.

A Law Enforcement Officer is calling me wanting to ask me questions; what should I do?

Call an experienced attorney and fully explain your case.  Rarely will it benefit you to answer any questions.  I have seen countless cases over the years where the strongest evidence against my client was his/her own words.

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"Perhaps the best way to describe the range of services that I offer is to say simply: if it involved a cop, it should probably involve me."

Frequently Asked Questions
I receive many question about my services, some are included in my FAQ section.

I encourage you to call our office 727-536-5008 to find out exactly what to expect with me as your lawyer.